Rules for Interpretation

Following are some rules for interpreting a horoscope :

1. A strong planet boosts and a weak planet spoils the traits of its house.

2. A natural malefic is not always bad for everyone, it depends on its position in chart, similarly natural benefic is also not always good.

3. Sun, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn are natural malefic planets and venus, jupiter, mercury are natural benefic planets. And moon can be oth according to the placement.

4. Irrespective of the fact of natural malefics or benefics a planet can be benefic or malefic according to house it owns(understand the difference b/w natural malefic-benefic and only malefic-benefic).

5. Lords of VIth, VIIIth, and XIIth house are considered malefics.

6. Lords of angular and trine house are considered benefics.

7. A house gets weakened if its Lord is posited in VIth, VIIIth or XIIth house.

8. A house gets strengthened if it is associated with Lord of Ascendant by conjunction or aspect, or occupies an Angular or Trine house.

9. A house that is aspected by its own lord gets strengthened, irrespective of the fact whether the planet aspecting is a natural benefic or malefic. If the house so aspected or its Lord is also aspected by a benefic planet, the traits of the house get further boosted.

10. As per 9 above, if a natural malefic planet aspects its own house, its traits get strengthened, but it harms the living things represented by that house.

11. A planet owning two signs and aspecting one of its signs in any house not only strengthens that house, but also strengthens the house in which it's other sign falls.

12. Among the evil houses, VIIIth is the worst, IIIrd is a mild one, and then come VIth and XIIth.

13. Lord of XIIth house, Sun, Saturn, and Rahu have separative effects on the traits of the house where posited/associated.

14. Venus in XIIth house gives good results, as both, the XIIth house and Venus, represent luxuries and enjoyments of life.

15. A planet who owns an angular (Kendra) house and a trine (Trikona) house is said to be a yogakarak planet. A yogakarak planet, whether benefic or malefic, always gives good results.

16. The Lord of two angular houses (Kendras - 1st, IVth, VIIth, Xth houses) ceases to be benefic or malefic, when it is natural benefic or malefic respectively.

17. Any association with the Lords of VIth, VIIIth or XIIth house is bad for that house.

18. Lords of Vth and IXth house always give good results in financial matters irrespective of the fact whether they are malefics or benefics, but natural benefic Lords of Vth and IXth houses are more beneficial.

19. Excepting Sun and Moon, the Lord of VIIIth house is always bad.

20. Lord of VIIIth house is not considered bad if it is Lord of Ascendant as well.

21. The Lords of IIIrd, VIth, and XIth Houses are considered as bad, specially in matters pertaining to health.

22. If the Lord of IInd or XIIth house is a planet, which owns two signs, it will give the results, good or bad, pertaining to the sign which is posited in the house other than IInd or XIIth house.

23. When alone, Rahu and Ketu give the results of the Lord of the sign in which they are posited or the effects of the planets with which associated or conjoined, or the effects of planets which aspect them.

24. Moon is considered malefic if it is within 72° from Sun on either side, i.e. from the 8th day of the Bright Half to the 8th day of the Dark Half of the lunar month. It is considered to be the most malefic when it has the same longitude as Sun.

25. Mercury when alone, unaspected or with benefics is benefic. When Mercury is associated with or aspected by malefic(s), it is malefic.

26. Every planet throws full influence or aspects the house, sign or planet, which is 7th from it.

27. In addition, some planets have special aspects. Saturn aspects the IIIrd and Xth house. Mars aspects IVth and VIIIth house. Jupiter aspects Vth and IXth house. Rahu and Ketu also aspect Vth and IXth house.

28. Lord of XIth, whether benefic or malefic, gives results about financial matters according to its strength.

29. Every planet when exalted has maximum strength and when debilitated has minimum strength.

30. If a benefic planet is hemmed in between two malefics, it will also act as a malefic planet. If there are malefics on both the sides of a house, the traits of that house get spoiled.

31. Strength of Lords of Houses is in the following order :

Lord of Ist, IV, VII, Xth Houses;

Lord of Vth, IXth;

Lord of IIIrd, VIth, XIth

In short, Lord of IVth is stronger than Lord of I, Lord of VIIth is stronger than Lord of IV, Lord of Xth is stronger than Lord of VII, and so on. These are three groups.

32. Following are the yogas for cancellation of debilitation :

i. When the debilitated planet is in angular house (Kendra) from the Ascendent or the Moon,

ii. When the Lord of the sign where the debilitated planet gets exalted is in angular house (Kendra) from the Ascendant or Moon,

iii. The Lord of the debilitation sign of the debilitated planet and the Lord of the exaltation sign of the debilitated planet are mutually in angular house (Kendras).

iv. When the planet in debilitation is aspected by the Lord of the exaltation sign of that debilitated planet.

v. When the planet which is exalted in the debilitation sign of the debilitated planet is in angular house (Kendra) from the Ascendant or Moon.