Horoscope birth time and date of Prince George Cambridge, son of Prince William

Name - Prince George  Cambridge, son of Prince William
Birth time - 16:24
Date - 22 July 2013
Place - London, UK

horoscope of son of prince william

Whats special in the horoscope of Royal Baby, which yoga lead the baby birth in royal family. Lagna lord in 8th house, 2nd lord in 8th house and 8th lord in own house. Combination of dhan lord, lagna lord and 8th lord in 8th house made the yoga to inherit such a big property, wealth and lands.

Also watch that five planet in 8th and 12th house, is in the nakashatra of Rahu. Remember kal yug is the period if Rahu, and in this yug Rahu can prove to be the most powerful planet.