How to predict Vehicles And Luxurious items using D16 Shodashamsha divisional chart

What does the 12 houses of Shodashamsha Chart represent?

1H: Quantum of luxuries from immovable property/vehicle and happiness from them.
2H: Accumulation of happiness from immovable property/vehicle.
3H: Loss from vehicles by own action. Any relation of 3H/L with Lagna/LL or 4H/L of D-16 denote such losses.
4H: Relation of 4H/L with 6/8/12 H/L of D-4 indicates vehicular accidents/(litigations in case of relation with 6H/L).
5H: Noble & generous deeds of past life for happiness from movable property/vehicle.
6H: Loan taken to buy movable property/vehicle, accident/litigation/dispute over conveyance and resultant unhappiness.
7H: Relation of 4L of D-1 with 7H/L of D-1 gives conveyance made available by others like employer provided car and not of self-ownership.
8H: Long term problem due to movable property/vehicle, fatal accident out of 4 wheelers/2 wheelers/aeroplane/train, etc. Afflicted planets in 8H need to be monitored during their MD/AD/PD.
9H: The luck factor of luxuries, long distance travel, etc. A strong 9H ensures enjoyment from vehicles/movable properties.
10H: The use of conveyance/actions in life for getting luxuries either good or bad.
11H: Gain or loss of the luxuries. Relation of D-16 Lagna/LL with 11H/L along with simultaneous malefic intervention on them indicate a materialistic person whose greed towards amenities is never satiated.
12H: Loss of amenities/vehicles due to theft, accident or litigation. Evaporation of living luxurious life style due to loss without any chance of recovery. Saturn by nature is enemy to luxurious living and greed. He is also the natural significator of 12H i.e. losses. As such, when a person is exposed to luxurious living due to his past Karmas (noble deeds), he should be very generous, sweet spoken, philanthropic as well as very sympathetic & compassionate to the people lower to him through his actions, which would tantamount to appeasing Saturn (the natural significator of losses and hard task master).

What are mainly examined in Shodashamsha?

1. Relation and strength of L/LL of Shodashamsha.
2. Relation and strength of 4H/L of Shodashamsha.
3. Strength & relation of Venus in Shodashamsha being natural significator of luxuries and vehicles.
4. Placement of Mars in D-4 with reference to 9L of D-1 in D-4 being natural significator of permanent happiness.
5. Parashari and Moon Kala lords of planets.
6. Examination of various lords of Natal Horoscope in Shodashamsha Chart to understand the level of happiness or otherwise from the respective signification represented by the Natal Lords. For example, favourable placement of 7L of Natal Horoscope in Shodashamsha Chart indicates happiness from married life.
7. Favourable time for acquiring items of luxuries/amenities and vehicles, etc. Probable time of losses from these items through theft, accident, etc.
8. There are still many more, which can be examined/assessed through Shodasamsha.