Best Jobs for zodiac signs and careers in Astrology


Army, Defence, surgeons, chemist, police, law, iron and steel, machines, factories, sports goods, industry


Any business in finance, agriculture, music, pleasure resorts, cinema, actors, film producers, transport, Income-Tax, ladies' clubs, schools, fashion and beauty parlours, dealers in ladies' garments, beauty items


Businessman, secretary, advocate, journalist, travelling agents, income from more than one resources


Business in things connected with water, conches, pearls, fish, sailors, Navy, submarine, shipping, import/export, restaurant, caterer, travels, transport, contractors, irrigation department


High position in commerce, Govt; executive jobs, managers of big concerns, corporations, director, captain


Brokers, accountants, lawyers, journalists, engineers, surgeons, works connected with liquid, ITO, examiners, auditor, inspector, success in earth and its products


Govt servants, officers, public life, in liquid items, chemists, electric engineers, transport, Navy, painters, writers, musicians, actors, playback singers, architects, good salesmen


Chemistry, medicines, insurance, maternity departments, detectives, iron and steel works, military, naval, surgeon


Teacher, preacher, public speaker, bank employee, with religious and educational institutions, editing and publishing, company law, civil engineering, foreign assignments


If aspected by benefic Moon, business of kerosene oil, land, animals, irrigation, agriculturist; If aspected by Mars, engineer, cement, manufacturer, lawyer, brick-kiln owner; If by Mercury, engineer, deep thinker, dealer in scientific instruments, crystal grazing; If by Jupiter, physician, scientist, gain through large companies, clubs and societies, land and mines, long term contracts; If by Venus, chemical, leader, hides, cosmetics, beauty items, etc.


actor, singer, nurse, veterinarian, lawyer, psychic, psychologist, social worker, painter, Engineer, Mediator


Poets, musicians, planning commission, painters, nurses, caterers, teachers, accountants, bankers, actors, liaison, cinema, occult science, Managing Director, Chairman, Navy, shipping, dealers in drinks, oils, beverages, cosmetics, chemicals, medical, education