Astrological horoscope analysis of arvind kejriwal 2014

Name -  Arvind Kejiriwal
Date   -  16 aug 1968
Time   -  23:46
Place  - Hissar, Haryana

Horoscope of Arvind Kejiriwal

Current dasha Jupiter/Venus from June 2012. Conjunction of Jupiter, sun, mercury and Venus makes highly powerful Raj Yoga than what made Kejiriwal's downfall in 2014. Conjunction of 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th lord in fourth house is highly beneficial, as their depositor is also in own sign Leo, the Sun, providing this raj yoga strength. 5th lord mercury in kendra, with lagna lord, with natural karka of education Jupiter and powerful depositor making budh aditya yog was the factor of Kejiriwal's high qualification.

House of competition the 6th lord joining the fourth house planets, own sign sun and exalted moon in kendra made the Kejiriwal to crack Civil Services Examination. And than tenth lord saturn in vargottama sign and also in neech bhanga raj yog made him joint commissioner in IRS. But Saturn being in twelfth house in Aries shows hard work in career. Also maha dasha of jupter not so good, as 8th and 11th lord in highly malefic for Taurus lagna. Jupiter in 4th and aspecting 10th house and saturn, destroys 4th house raj yog to some extent not allowing kejiriwal to live happily and produces hard time by aspecting Saturn.

This jupiter aspect on saturn did made to result under the dashas Jup/Venus/Saturn, these dasha take him to jail. As debiliated saturn in 12th house (house of imprisonment), malefic jupiter conjuct venus as 6th lord in 4th house (house of Home) has taken him to jail for some time. Also Saturn transit in Libra is aspecting natal Saturn.