Raj Yoga Rahu and Ketu becoming yogakarka

Rahu and Ketu can create the most powerful yogakarka raj yoga if it is beneficially placed. Rahu and ketu works according to their depositor, sign in which it is placed, nakshatra lord, karka and navamsa strength. They both work as amplifier for the planets in conjunction or if not in conjunction than its depositor, it means when joins benefic planet, they increases its beneficial tendency to great extent.

Whenever they are placed in quadrant or trine in co-junction with benefics they will amplify their good results upto great extent.

Whenever they sit in quadrant or trine and their depositor is also beneficially placed in quadrant and trine than they create powerful raj yoga.

If they are placed in quadrant in co-junction with trine lord or if placed in trine with quadrant lord it becomes yoga karka.

In all above conditions there should not be 8th and 11th lord conjunction with them and also there should not be much malefic aspect on them.

Example- In the horoscope of shahrukh khan there is exalted Rahu in Taurus in 10th house and its depositor venus is in 5th house with no malefic aspect on them creates highly powerful raj yoga for fame and wealth.