Marriage and wife interpretation using upapada lagna

Nature of partner, relationship with native and his/her family
IF UL is conjunct or aspected by a benefic, or be in a benefic sign, one will obtain full happiness from progeny and spouse.
IF UL is conjunct or aspected by a malefic, or be in a malefic sign, one will be an ascetic and go without a wife. This will not happen if benefic is conjunct or aspect UL.

The Sun supports relationship, but becoming neecha the Sun acts malefic as even the other benefic planets will do, they will not give shubha results at the same level. Numurologically, the the Sun is connected to the number 12, and the UL comes from the 12 th house, this is how the Sun is giving its blessings to the Upapada. The Sun also represents lineage and as the Arudha of the 12 th house shows who will help you give longevity to your kula (family) the Sun is a strong protector. For this reason the Sun is to be considered among the list of benefics. When the Sun is in an enemies sign it will have less support to protect the Upapada, and when neecha it will not help at all but instead may hurt the UL as every neecha planet will. When a planet becomes uccha it will protect the UL even if it is a malefic, as it will take on more sattvic qualitites. Though it will still have some negative attributes of that planet, while the Sun is a pure benefic for the UL.
Interpretation can get specific, for example a benefic sign with malefic aspects can indicate a good person/relationship that will go bad due to malefic situations. If the UL was in Scorpio with the Moon and benefic aspects, it would show a bad person/relationship that will eventually evolve into a better situation. Always strengthen the benefics aspects or planets involved in the situation.

Jaimini gives upadesa and says,
If benefics join UL the spouse is beautiful.

Subha (good), Bandhat (bound too, joined), Sundari (beautiful). When the UL is joined good (benefic) planets the partner/relationship is beautiful. This is interpreted as the partner is a beautiful person (indicates beauty of character, as 7 th house of Navamsa is seen for outer beauty, chara darakaraka is seen for spiritual evolution beauty). This makes the relationship a good (beautiful) experience. The partner is happy receiving what you are giving. In this same way a malefic conjunct the UL will make the partner harsher (according to the planet and its state) and therefore make the relationship harsher and the partner is more demanding.

Parasara gives another shloka, saying what was mentioned later by Jaimini, but adding the 2 nd house. He says that a benefic will make the wife sundar (beautiful) placed in the UL or 2 nd house from it. Jaimini said the same thing relative to the UL only, Parasara speaks of Sundari (beauty) relative to the UL and the sustenance of the relationship.

Rishi Parasara says that an exalted UL will bring a partner from a noble family, while debilitation will do the opposite.

Jaimini gives upadesa and says that
If the lord of UL is exalted, the spouse hails from the elite/upper class. If the lord of the UL is debilitated, the spouse is from the lower class.

Longevity of relationship from UL
The second house is a natural maraka house and it shows the longevity of the relationship. Strong lord of the second from UL and Benefics conjunct and aspecting it will support marriage. Weak lords of the second and malefic association will destroy marriage.
The 2nd house from the UL will show the sustanence of relationship/marriage. If the 2 nd is strong, even if the UL has malefics (giving a negative relationship) the 2 nd house will hold the relationship together. In the opposite case, if there is malefic association in the 2 nd house from UL, it will break the relationship even if it is with a good person and good situation (strong UL). The UL is evaluated to see the situation of the relationship. The 2 nd from the UL is evaluated to see if the relationship will last.

If the UL or the 2 nd therefrom be occupied by its own lord or if the said lord is in his own house, the death of wife will be at an advanced age. If a planet is being constant indicator of wife and is in its own house, there will be a loss of wife only at a later date.