Predicting and examining spouse using 12 houses of navamsa D9 chart

Tweleve houses of D9 division and placement of every planet in navamsa chart explains about married life. Some of its clue are given below.

1. Lagna of navamasa is the major consideration for marriage. A strong lagna and lagna lord gives marriage.

2. Wealth and speech in marriage. It also shows the longevity of spouse. An afflicted second house is not welcome as it gives tensions in married life.

3. The effort required to keep the marriage going. A malefic is welcome but it shows great efforts needed to keep the marriage intact. A benefic placed here needs no effort to sustain the marriage but gives a carefree attitude.

4. The happiness of married life. It shows the enjoyment of marriage. A malefic like Rahu or Ketu do not know the happiness of marriage even when happiness is present.

5. Intelligence of married life. It is thought process on has towards marriage. An afflicted fifth house carries bad intensions and is spark to ruin the marriage.

6. The conflicts and problem face in marriage. A strong 6th house has no conflicts and the marriage is smooth.

7. All about marriage partner. A well associated seventh house gives a good life partner.

8. Longevity of marriage. Secrete relations outside marriage.

9. The religious aspect of marriage. If spoiled by malefics or trik lords takes away the trust of marriage.

10. Actions in married life. A benefic tenth house gives auspicious ceremonies. It is the duties one has to perform in the married life.

11. Lust of the married life. Demands of the spouse. Malefic relations give a spouse wgo is never satisfied in his/her materialistic desires.

12. Losses suffered. Separation, confinement. It also shows the sexual pleasures of marriage. Affliction to 12th house gives no fulfilment of sexual desires.