How to judge the effects of transit (gochar) from ashtakavarga in astrology

Ashtakavarga is the technique which tells if a planet is getting favor from other planets, on the behalf of this, points on every sign are calculated from every planet.

A sign can get from 0 to 7 points from a particular planet. Remember Jupiter mostly haves 4 or more points and Saturn rarely have points higher than 4.

Planets transiting house with higher ashtakavarga points, getting from this planet to transited house, proves to be beneficial, but if that house have low ashtakavarga points than the transit will not give the expected result.

Let us take the example of Saturn transiting 6th house from moon, which is a very good transit according to texts, this transit can give wealth, promotions, good health and loss of enemies but these results would not be obtained if 6th house have low ashtakavarga points.

Any benefits shown by some transit according to the vedic texts, will not be obtained ashtakavarga points are lower than 25.

In this way transit for every planet can be judged.