Kamdev gayatri mantra with its meaning

Kamdev Gayatri Mantra

Kaamdevaay Vidmahe Pushpbaannaay Dheemahi Tanno Anangah Prachodayat||

You cant recite this mantra and especially with the word 'klim' unless instructed by your guru, 'klim' (seed of love) can be replaced by 'oM' and if you are a female you should avoid reciting oM which should be replaced by shree. before reciting any mantras your guru should be consulted because improperly recited, recited with inadequate state of mind they can have adverse effects.

kamadeva - God of love

Vidmahe - let us try to concentrate

puspa-banaya - blooming flower ?

dhimahi - may we attain

nangah - lead us (???) from nI - to lead

pracodayat - may stimulate