What to see from A7 lagna and Upapada lagna. Difference between 7th house, Arudha of 7th and upapada.

How does the UL differ in interpretation from other relationship points?
There are many places we can analyze for different aspects of marriage and relationship. It is good to understand the different points to be clear about what we are looking at. The karakas for relationship are Venus and Jupiter and their affliction will show blessings or curses in getting a healthy relationship or not. They also reveal overall tendencies towards relationships, it is important to see there placement in the rasi and navamsa. The Darakaraka shows the atma of the partner, shows what type of soul the person has and issues related to that level. The 7th house of the Rasi indicates how you relate to others, it is your doorway to the world and shows how you relate to the public (karaka Venus). The person you relate to the most and who reflects you the most is the love partner. The 7th lord will show the physical conditions of relationship and whether they are fruitful or barren.
The A7 is connected to business partners and to sexual relations. The 7th house of the navamsa shows the skills, abilities and general nature of the partner which predominates over the 7th house of the Rasi. It will also show the partners sexual tendencies. The Upapada will show about the marriage partner or a very serious relationship. It shows the nature of the family a person comes from, it shows how the people will relate to each other, and whether the relationship will last or not and what will make it last. It will show how many children are coming from that relationship verse a previous relationship. It is important for timing marriage and its break. The UL lord will indicate the nature of the family of the partner, and therefore will often indicate the status of the partner themselves.

Why does the UL represent the marriage partner?
First one needs to understand the 12th house more deeply and then see how the UL is the person representing this. The Upapada (also called guana pada) is that which rides the 12th house, it shows who is the image of the 12th house. The 12th house from the Lagna is what you have given, what you physically give,and where you give your intelligence/energy. The 12th house indicates jail, hospital, ashram, loss, pleasures of the bed, sleeping (loss of consciousness), as well as the bed where you sleep. Charity is a form of energy, and the 12th house shows where you give your energy. Benefics in the 12th are called shubha yoga and show giving to good things. Malefics in the 12th are called Ashubha yoga and indicate putting energy into negative things. The Sun is in maranakaraka sthana in the 12th house because is the house of Saturn, and there is no life/light there.

The 12th house is a house of loss or giving and the Arudha of it shows who you are giving to. Those you give to the most are often your wife and children. Marriage itself happens when one starts earning and one is able to give.
The 7th house is the 8th from 12th house, it shows what is removing separateness and giving marriage. The 12th house is connected to sanyas and celibacy, the 8th from this ends that, and makes a person get married and removes celibacy, therefore the 7th house needs to be pure to maintain sanyas, and longevity of sanyas is seen from the 7th house.
Therefore the A7 is used to see the sexual partner and sexual relations, not the UL.
The 12th house is the 8th from the 5th house, it will show the longevity of your kula/lineage/family. The UL shows who will help you give longevity to your kula/family/lineage. The 7th house is 3rd from the 5th house showing it is upachaya from the 5th , meaning it will make your kula grow. The 12th house is 6th from the 7th which is also upachaya for the 7th house, which means it will make sex increase, it is therefore connected to the pleasures of the bed, the place to be alone to grow the 7th house, to mature it into real intimacy. The 6th house on the other hand is 2nd from the 5th and is therefore a maraka (death giver) to the 5th house, it is not good for children or increasing the kula and indicates celibacy. It is important to note that the twelfth house is important for relationship but it doesn’t represent sexual desires.

How can different marriages and marriage partners be differentiated?
The first partner is seen from the UL, the second partner is seen from the 8 th house of the UL (UL2), the 3 rd partner is seen from the 8 th to the second UL (UL3) and so on. Often times (in modern society) it takes a few questions to determine the exact partner of reference when interpreting a UL relationship. Some people may have had only one or two serious relationships but westerners can often have difficulty determining which relationships were serious, and which were just passing flings. This makes interpretation harder and will test your skills to determine the exact person one is referring to when discussing a UL relationship.
In the same way the UL is showing the marriage itself, the nature (abilities) of the 1 st partner are seen from the 7 th house of the navamsa, while the next partner is seen from the 2 nd house in the navamsa (the 8 th from the first significator). The 3 rd partner is seen from 9 th house (the 8 th from the 2 nd house).