Kamdev yantra for love and attracting women

kamdev yantra for love and attraction

This is the Kamdeva Yantra, you can use it for increasing attraction, love and happiness in your nature. Make this yantra on bhojpatra with black ink. Yantra should be energized by kamdev mantra before its use. Also remember to make it on amrit kaal of day or night in krishna paksha on good tithi.

There are eight leaves on the circle, on which different names of Lord Kamdev is written,

Kaamaay Namah
Bhasmashareeraay Namah.
Anangaay Namah.
Manmathaay Namah
Vasantsakhaay Namah
Smaraay Namah
Ikshudhanurdharaay Namah
Pushpbaannaay Namah