Planetary yantra for Sun to strengthen planet surya

Planetary Yantra for Sun will increase vitality, success, respect, confidence and intellect. It lessens anger and egoism. The only appropriate and most powerful protection for people who has weak or malefic Sun in their Natal Chart.

Yantra for Sun

How to make and wear Sun Yantra

  • Numerology yantra’s should be made on bhoj patra. ( Bhojpatra is the soft part of the bark of a tree, which is traditionally considered best for making yantras. )
  • It can be manually drawn on plain white paper also.
  • It should be drawn using a special ink made out of “scents” and with pomegranate wood pen.
  • It should be prepare on the associated day i.e..
  • It should be prepared with the mantra of the sun.
  • It should not to be prepared in Rahu Kal.
  • The one should pay obeisance to the Yantra regularly.