Results of malefic and weak Sun & its Remedies

Sun is natural significatior of father, power, authority, soul, confidence and respect. Positive traits of all such natural elements of sun are somewhere affected if sun is weak or have malefic influence in horoscope.

1. The person may not get desired results of their efforts due to weak Sun.

2. Life becomes deprived of motivation.

3. The native may not get the position in society or profession he/she deserves.

4. Due to weak Sun relation with father also suffers.

5. It also compel to work under other in spite of having good knowledge.

6. Weak Sun also spoil the energy level of the native.

7. Native with an afflicted sun lacks in confidence.

8. Sun also affects the health of the native as it naturally signifies health.

Remedies for Sun for getting benefic results

1. Gemstone Therapy- If Sun is functional benefic in birth chart but weak then it is good to wear Ruby

2. Reciting Surya mantra or spell of Sun is also a good way.

3. Meditation technique which will increase the power of Sun.

4. Donate the things related to Sun only if it is not placed in lagna.

5. Remember no need to strengthen its power if sun is the owner of malefic houses.

6. If sun is the owner of malefic houses than only meditation, mantra spell, temple sight and donation should be done to reduce its malefic impact.

7. Using charged yantra for sun also helps in strengthening sun or blocking the malefic impact.