How to read Horoscope, analysis of horoscope

To analyze a horoscope you should know the basic interpretative rules. Now you should have a question suppose we have to analyze career of a person. Than we have to study the 10th house as it signifies profession. Now go through following steps.

Find out which sign is placed in that house and who is the ruler of that house.

Where is the ruler placed, in which house and in which sign.

Find out the planets aspecting ruler and 10th house, result depends on whether the aspecting planets are benefic or malefic, friend or enemy of that planet.

Planet(s) posited in this 10th house and with its lord.

Also judge the significator of that house.

Use the Five-Fold Relationship Table to find out the relation between different planets. This will be helpful in ascertaining the enemy-aspect or friendly-aspect of planets.

Navamsha Chart should also be taken into consideration. Strength and auspiciousness of ruler of that house should also be judged from this chart.