What is constellation or nakshatra, significance or effects of stars

Ashwini : Intelligent, good relations with friends, stout body, skilled, fond of dress, ornaments, avracious, decisive, good health, favour from Govt
Suitable for police, medical, surgery, railways; iron, steel, copper dealer;
Prone to head injury, insomnia, heachace, brain afflictions

Bharni : Truthful, pious, long life, strong will power, intelligent, fond of loose character, wealthy, good health, non-vegetarian, obstinate, pines for others' wealth
Suitable for sports, music, silver dealer, hotel management, lawyer, optician,
Prone to forehead injury, syphillis, catarrah,

Krittika : Fond of spicy food, of opposite sex; fine appearance, dignified, famous, not good relations with friends, power-seeker, miqer, tensionable nature, character not good, open-hearted, religious
Suitable for military, police, medical, navy, defnce, chemicals, metal boxes, music, dance, tax collector,
Prone to pimples, eye-soe, small pox, brain fever, cuts and wounds in accidents, insomnia, inflammation

Rohini : Sweet and soft spoken, firm in views, fine appearance, guide, stout, foreign travel, patient, good character,
Suitable for hotel, vehicles, estate agents, marimonial agent, dress designer, precious stone dealer,
Prone to sore throat, cold cough, apoplexy, swelling, headache, insanity.

Mrigasira : Timid, good speech, views not firm, sexual pleasures, selfish, rash, moody, not submissive, suspicious, clever, good behaviour, peace-loving,
Suitable for estate agent, music, dress maker, veterinary doctor, taxi driver, engineer, precious stone dealer
Prone to fracture of arm, shoulder pain, VD, pimples, cuts, skin problems, allergy,

Ardra : Robust, healthy, wicked deeds, strong determination, spendthrift, struggler, calamities, no comforts, ungrateful, glutton, dry skin, angry. revengeful, tactful,
Suitable for labourer, salesman, bookseller, transport, post & telegraph, advertising, publiciy, drugs, liquids
Prone to asthma, dry cough, ear troubles,diphtheria, windy troubles, nervous troubles,

Punarvasu : Intelligent, sharp, life comforts, abstract thoughts, quiet, good relations with friends, journeys, wealthy, charitable, compassionate, happy,
Suitable for journalism, editing, publishing, physician, religious head, advocate, professor, astrologer, mathematician, clerk,
Prone to bronchitis, stomach troubles, TB, ear troubles, backache, kidney troubles,

Pushya : Learned, rich, comforts, pious life, religious, fond of food, self-dependant, virtuous, obeys parents, humble,
Suitable for underground works, mining, excavation, wells, sewers, agriculture, plumber, navy, submarine, dams, tunnels, bridges
Prone to TB, respiratory problems, gastric trouble, cough, cancer, sudden pains, fever,

Ashlesha : Ungrateful, sinful, selfish, not good relations with friends, drinker, large family, ingenius, good in speech, patient, wanderer, squanders money,
Suitable for sales rep, auditor, travelling agent, commerce, astrologer, clerk,
Prone to windy troubles, pains in legs, knees; hysteria, dropsy, jaundice,

Magha : Frank, assertive, very rich, life full of comforts, good relations with wife, dutiful to parents, successful in wordly matters, good business, helpful, audacious, fiery, stomach protruding, obeys elders, hard-hearted,
Suitable for big factories, criminal lawyer, surgeon, medical, Govt service
Prone to heart attack, backache, kidney troubles,,

Poorva Phalguni : Sweet in speech, defeats enemies, skilled, fine appearance, fond of opposite sex, good conveyance, learned, respected, charitable, good friends, always in motion, doing many things simultaneously, acts after thinking, courageous, helps others
Suitable for Govt service, transport, music, sports, automobile, studio, photography, leather goods, hotel, engineer, educationist
Prone to curved spine, pain in legs, BP, heart troubles

Uttra Phalguni : Wealthy, fond of opposite sex, earn by learning, intelligent, stout, ungrateful, ambitious, defeats enemies, artist, truthful, kind-hearted,
Suitable for service, accounts, lecturer, press, engineer, education, communication
Prone to BP, tumour, stomach troubles, backache

Hast : Learned in vedas, energetic, drinker, clever, fond of opposite sex, merciless, shameful, rash, liar, respects learned persons and pundits, foreign travel,
Suitable for salesman, overseas, communication, shipping, clearing agent, textile, dams, tunnels, irrigation, advocate, import-export,
Prone to gastric problems, bowel problems, typhoid, fear complex, deficiency of Vit B

Chitra : Practical, bold, sarcastic, argumentative, adventurous, fond of good dress, occult sciences, learned, comfortable life, brave, stout, religious, wealthy, tactful, lover of beauty,
Suitable for lawyer, surgeon, engineer, scientist, contractor, sports, radio, TV, spare parts, dress, precious stones
Prone to kidney and bladder troubles, excess of urine, renal colic, pain in head, brain fever

Swati : Skilled, sweet speech, religious, intelligent, good relations with all, logical, honest, sympathetic, fond of company, knowledge of materialistic world, educated, honoured by Govt,
Suitable for transport, tourist, art, decoration, drama, scientist, judge, poet, cook, fancy goods
Prone to urinary trouble, eczema, Bright's disease, skin trouble, leprosy

Vishakha : Jealous, agressive, impatient, skilled in earning money, fortunate, clever, journeys, brings about quarrels, controls desires,
Suitable for business, travelling agent, bank, judge, estate owner, broker, defence, custom, auditor, shares, metal-dealer
Prone to diabetes, kidney & urinary troubles, coma, congestion of brain, tumour

Anuradha : Rich, foreign visit, learned, helpful, robust, unscruplous, sweet tongue but wickedness in heart, selfish, vindictive, celebrates occasions, angry
Suitable for mine engineer, agriculturist, actor, hides, oil dealer, plumber, labourer, dentist
Prone to high fever, headache, contaguous diseases,

Jyeshtha : Religious, intelligent, clever, cheerful, fond of literary works, secretive, extravagant, tolerates troubles, sexy, unsubmissive, cruel deeds, liar,
Suitable for chemical engineer, press, publication, industry, insurance agent, surgeon, advertisement, judge, cables, wires,
Prone to bleeding piles, fistula, VD, pain in arms and shoulders

Moola : Happy, wealthy, firm, luxurious life, popular, bad health, organiser, ungrateful, untrustworthy, violent, helps others, exposes others, liar, loves opposite sex,
Suitable for advocate, religious preacher, physician, social worker, provision store, import business,
Prone to stomach troubles, problems with mouth, eye-troubles

Poorva Shada : Intelligent, comforts from wife & children, helpful, skilled, firm, superstitious, dominating, proud, wanders with wife, sincere, good in speech, wealthy, voyages
Suitable for banker, cashier, accountant, air travel, transport, music, hotel, hospital, foreign exchange, stock exchange, rubber
Prone to diabetes, loss of semen, virility, VDs

Uttra Shada : Obedient, many friends, grateful, fond of music, dance; peace-loving, methodical, respected, victorious, good sons, good wife, fond of good dress, proudy, popular
Suitable for mine engieer, underground works, irrigation, archaelogy, arbitrator, judge, international trade, custom
Prone to paralysis, eye troubles, eczema, skin diseases, digestive problems

Sravana : Learned, prosperous, beautiful wife, . famous, fond of music, astrology, intuitive, good character, aadjusting nature, social worker, strong will power,
Suitable for mine, liquids,oil, petrol, coal, well excavation, coolers, Minister, high position
Prone to diarrhoea, urinary troubles,

Dhanishtha : Wealthy, firm, short tempered, fond of dance, music; valiant, faithful, fond of company, ambitious but greedy, religious,
Suitable for ground engineer, philosopher, surgeon, industry, agriculture, leather goods, hides, police, military, communication,
Prone to vericose vein, heart failure, leg injury, kidney troubles, stomach problems

Shatbisha : Harsh in speech, independent views, wealthy, influenced by opposite sex, fond of occult sciences, patient, lethargic, intelligent, learned,
Suitable for occult subject, air travel, astronomy, statistics, jail, ration office, factories, tanneries
Prone to rheumatism, heart trouble, eczema, leprosy, high blood pressure, fracture, amputation

Poorva Bhadra : Honest, wealthy, stout, humane, helpful, talkative, influenced by opposite sex, tensionable nature, unselfish, murderer, robber, irreligious, fearful, emotional, miser, criticizes others, proudy
Suitable for teaching, astrology, medicine, literature, Minister, politician, criminal lawyer, tourist, public company
Prone to swelling of feet and ankles, low blood pressure, hernia, jaundice, tumour

Uttra Bhadra : Beautiful, good in speech, victorious over enemies, wsealthy, comfort from children, fond of society, afraid of water, charitable,
Suitable for exporter, importer, traditional business, clubs, hospitals, submarine, shipping, CID, umbrella, boat, fisheries

Revti : Dutiful to parents, intelligent, serves saints, indecisive, liked by all, intuitive, sober, honest, loves water, mature personality
Suitable for publishing, editing, legal, civil engineer, share broker, advertising, radio, telephone, accounts, astrologer
Prone to intestinal disorders, gout, nephritis, deafness, nervous troubles