Result of rahu in various zodiac signs

RAHU in ARIES: Self-confidence, landed property, domestic harmony, happiness, interest in occultism

RAHU in TAURUS: Deep thinker, philosophical, materialistic, interested in religion, mythology, pilgrimage, strives for luxuries

RAHU in GEMINI: High moral character, praised by others, just, independent, intuitive,

RAHU in CANCER: Boastful, proud, entrepreneur, wants home comforts

RAHU in LEO: Organiser, supervisor, mental harmony

RAHU in VIRGO: Sudden wealth

RAHU in LIBRA: Lucky, just,

RAHU in SCORPIO: Hardly any peace in life, always worried, ups and downs,

RAHU in SAGGITARIUS: interested in public affairs, name and fame, materialistic

RAHU in CAPRICORN: Sympathetic, logical in arguments, good politician

RAHU in AQUARIUS: Likes away from home, travelling, likes to handle the challenging jobs

RAHU in PISCES: Accurate, has an eye for details, cares for masses, helps them,