Result of ketu in various zodiac signs

KETU in ARIES : Mild, gentle, energetic, easy success,

KETU in TAURUS: Strong will, hidden powers, materialistic, polite, unforgiving, does not disturb others

KETU in GEMINI: Impatient, strives for materialistic goals, likes occultism, humane

KETU in CANCER: Busy away from his home, graceful, helps others, politician

KETU in LEO: Reserved, isolated, cannot foresee the consequences

KETU in VIRGO: Involved in public, masses, interested in research

KETU in LIBRA: Self-confidence, trouble domestic life, hence, loses many opportunities to rise

KETU in SCORPIO: Interested in public, democratic,

KETU in SAGGITARIUS: Intuitive, does not get a chance to express his desires, no materialistic success,

KETU in CAPRICORN: Leader, interested in public, looks older than his age, weak in emotions

KETU in AQUARIUS: Mental harmony, gain in foreign, construct houses, bosses others

KETU in PISCES: Many chances to get materialistic things but avails a few, lucky, sudden wealth, happiness