What is Horoscope ( kundli )

Horoscope is the graphical representation of planetary position at the time of Childs birth. Horoscope can be made not only for person but for any instance of an event. Horoscope represents the degrees, aspects, sensitive angles of planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu).

To construct a horoscope we need astrological data. These data can be obtained by time, date and place at which the event takes place. Than this data tells us the exact position of the planets in the universe at the time of the event takes place.

Horoscope can be represented by two style charts, South Indian or North Indian style chart.

South Indian syle chart

In this chart sign are fixed unlike north style in which houses are fixed. The top second left house is of aries sign and move further clockwise for consecutive signs. Here ascendant can lie in any sign and house containing that sign will be marked as ‘As’ or with diagonal.

North Indian style chart

In this chart houses are fixed unlike south style in which signs are fixed. The first house is of ascendant and sign which contain ascendant is placed in first house and move anti-clockwise for consecutive signs.

The above chart of which we are talking about is the main birth chart but this is not the only horoscope we can make. In Indian Vedic Astrology total of 64 horoscopes can be made including birth chart.