Astrology house and its characteristics

As we know horoscope is nothing but graphical representation of universe at any instance of time. To make it understand more easily, universe is spread over 360 degree from any axis and there are 12 signs, we have to allot every sign a single house therefore divide 360 degrees between 12 signs i.e., 360/12=30 degree.

So every house is of 30 degree and there are 12 such houses in horoscope.

Classification of houses

Angular/Kendra Houses : I, IV, VII, X
Succedent/Panphara Houses : II, (V), VIII, XI
Cadent/Apoklima Houses : III, VI, (IX), XII
Trine /Trikona Houses : (I), V, IX
Evil (Dusthana) Houses : VI, VIII, XII

Every aspect of our life is signified by one of these twelve house and are judged by them. Planets posited in Angular houses are the strongest, then the planets in Trine houses, then the planets in Succedent houses and then the planets in Cadent houses. Houses VI, VIII and XII are always considered evil houses.

Significance of Houses

Ist House (known as Lagna or Tanu Bhav)

Ascendant, Lagna, its lord is called Lagnesh or Lord of Ist House
Native himself,Life, longevity, health, natural tendencies, body, physical stature, form, shape, appearance, complexion, vitality, sorrows, gain, wealth, name, honour, dignity, fame, pleasures, sickness, voyages, journeys, textile, wool, wheat, gold
Head, face, brain, nerves, facial bones, upper jaw, pituitary glands
Lunacy, idiocy, headache, insomnia, malaria

IInd House (known as house of wealth or Dhan Bhav)

Accumulation of money, possession of valuables, fortune in money, profits and gains, worldly attainments, jewellery, gold, precious stones, bonds, securities, shares, debentures, memory, academic education, extravagant/economical, early age wealth
Family members
Speech, vision, right eye, nails, tongue, nose, teeth, chin
Obesity, goitre, abscesses
Also known as House of death (Marak Bhav) and its lord is known as markesh (killer)

IIIrd House (Bhatra Bhav)

Mental inclination, ability, intellect, courage, valour, heroism, short travels, communication, railways, wireless, P&T, correspondence, writing and editing, rumours, hills, mountains, accounting, mathematics, radio, TV, journalism, change of residence, library, partition of property, female servants, contracts and agreements
Younger brothers, sisters, cousins, neighbours
Right ear, hand, throat, arms, nervous system, shoulders, upper rib, thyroid
TB, Pneumonia, rheumatism, asthma

IVth House (known as house of piece orSukh Bhav)

Native place, domestic environments, private affairs, secret life, vehicles, fields, pastures, farm lands, agriculture, river, orchards, mines, bridges, ancestral properties, hidden treasure, academic education, wells, watery places, milk, etc. lease, rent, tenant, antiquities, false allegation, adultery
Lungs, chest, stomach, diaphragm, major arteries, joints, ribs in general
Cancer, dropsy, small pox, flatulence

Vth House (Suta Bhav)

Love affairs, sexual ties, artistic talents; recreation, places of amusements, cinema, games, music, drama, sports, romance; competitive activities, cards, gambling, lottery, betting, crossword-puzzles; morals, ambassadors, astrological inclination, mantra, Tantra, wisdom, intelligence, school and educational institutes, bathing, sensuous enjoyments; shares, stock exchange; adultery, rape, illegal relations
Progeny, children
Liver, belly, gall bladder, intestines, digestive troubles, diabetes

VIth House (Shatru / Roga Bhav)

Sickness, ailments, diseases; litigation; miserliness, debts, food, banker, bank drafts, pet animals, clothing, obstacles, service
Enemies, opponents, employees, subordinates, cattle, tenants fear from thieves
Kidneys, large intestines, anus
Constipation, masturbation, anus trouble, venereal complaints, hernia

VIIth House (Klatra Bhav)

Contracts, agreements with partners, opponents in contests / litigation, legal bondage, conjugal life, sexual marital life, danger to life, marriage, missing persons, passion, divorce, recovery of lost/stolen property, thief, pickpockets
Spouse (wife, husband), partners
Private parts, uterus, ureters, prostate gland, lumber vertebra
Bright's disease, lumbago, nephritis, renal calculi

VIIIth House (house of longevity or Ayur Bhav)

Longevity, span of life, House of death, losses, dissolution, inheritance, legacies, wills, insurance, pension, gratuity, accidents, insult, scandal, ill-reputation, dowry, suicidal death, sorrow, worries, disgrace, delays, dejections, disappointments, theft, chronic diseases, robbery, mode of death
Scrotum, pelvic bones, testicles, secondary organs, external genitals, seminal vesicles
Fistula, ulcer, nervous troubles, rectal afflictions

IXth House (Bhagya Bhav)

Fortune, faith, wisdom, divine grace, luck, philosophy, religion, foresight, intuition, prosperity, pilgrimage, sea/air travels, college, higher education,
publication, voyages, foreign travel, dreams, spiritual activities, lawyers, legal arbitration, clergy, communication with spirits, chastity
Knees, hips, thighs, female arteries, sacral region
Gout, paralysis, sudden fits

Xth House (Karma Bhav)

Profession, occupation, credit, honour, status and rank, employer, business
affairs, Govt, dignity, public fame, prestige, rainfall, worldly activities, judge, judgement, authority, promotion, permanency in service, position in life, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers, Heads, pilgrimage, favours from Govt
Knees, joints, bones, nails, skeleton, back
Leprosy, leucoderma

XIth House (Labh Bhav)

Incoming flow of wealth, profits and prosperity, , dawn of fortune, financial affairs, recovery from illness, society, community, wishes, ambition, desires, associates, counsellors
Elder brothers, sisters, friends
Ankles, legs, left ear, blood circulation, teeth
Nervous diseases, spasmodic eruptions

XIIth House (Vyay Bhav)

Expenses, confinement, restraints, prison, exile, secret enemies, loss, impediments, deception, fraud, scandal, suspicions, termination of appointment, mental institutes, nursing homes, charities, separation from one's family, misfortune, misery, hospitalisation, occult affairs, pleasures of bed, life in foreign country, salvation, rebirth
Feet, left eye, left ear, teeth
TB, tumours, mucous troubles