Results of Venus in the 12 houses of Horoscope

Venus in 1st house
Benefit from Govt. or beneficial for govt. employee, he has the ability to sacrifice his life for whom he loves and if not influenced with malefics than gets a good looking partner. Relation with many women. Native is fond of good clothes and cleanliness.

Venus in 2nd house
Native will have incremental growth in livelihood, wealth, property and children. Native will enjoy both worldly and spiritual life. Attractive voice, good character, his wife will be good by heart.

Venus in 3rd house
Females will be attracted to native. Native may have relations with many females. His wife will be gentle, bold and aggressive. No threat of theft

Venus in 4th house
Native will be rich, spend on cloths and vehicles and enjoy varied vehicles in his life. Childless, may have two wives at a same time Native will remain sexually starved even if he keeps two wives. If he marries his first wife twice then these bad effects will be vanished.

Venus in 5th house
Native may be scholar, patriot, rich, will lead happy marriage life. Females are attracted to native. Many children, knowledgeable, loose character.

Venus in 6th house
Native will have good status in society. Does not have any enemy. Native will always complete the work.Flatterer, oppose religion, wife of such a person will be evergreen. In case of men they enjoy life in every respect but in case of woman opposite to this.

Venus in 7th house
Native will be rich, humble. Happy, long life, good for parents. If wife/husband is not beautiful, he/she will be good by heart. All round progress after marriage.

Venus in 8th house
Native’s wife will be very strict. She will command the family. Native should not accept any donation if wants to defeat enemies. Earn with hard work, Nobody listen even his truth.

Venus in 9th house
Elderly people will become wealthy. Not good for children, shortage of funds, pilgrimage will be auspicious, intelligent and lucky. Native may be millionaire but he/she has to work hard to earn. He/She will earn a little less in comparison to hard work.

Venus in 10th house
Evergreen, clever, lot of travelling, adulterous, He/she always dreams of sex or evil dreams. Enjoy varied vehicles, luxurious house.

Venus in 11th house
Mysterious, beautiful, rich, may be impotent, suffers from various disease, keep changing his behavior

Venus in 12th house
The native’s wife will be faithful, benefits from government, pleasant life, native gets help from female at difficult times. Native’s wife/husband will be very co-operative and of good nature but not of good toung and native will not be able to devote too much time at home.