Results of Jupiter in the 12 houses of Horoscope

Jupiter in 1st house 
Native will be good administrator, fearless, clean hearted, religious, good eye sight. Will be rich even if he/she is not educated. Native will always progress due to his/her behaviour, kindness and good dealing. Relatives and articles related to Moon will help. Native will be healthy.
If Jupiter is malefic or badly effected than native may suffer from asthma, brain disorder, obesity.

Jupiter in 2nd house 
Native will earn money if keep donating some money. Native will grow the father’s wealth and will be religious.
Native will be famous and honorable in the society. The work related to clay and ladies articles will be profitable.

Jupiter in 3rd house
Takes care of his brothers and sisters.Native will be rich, educated, gets money from government life long due to government job. All this will happen if native keeps on serving girls (kanya).
If malefic and badly effected than lucky and enemies will create problems.

Jupiter in 4th house
Native will be religious, helping to others, long-lived, foresighted, honored, respects all religions, keep him/herself away from quarrels, satisfied, king like, wealthy, one in million, lucky,posses spiritual power, kind, good character and pleasure of all kinds. Native will have pleasure of having varied vehicles.
To maintain the auspiciousness of Jupiter native should respect his elders and avoid relationship with other women otherwise will be responsible for his own downfall.

Jupiter in 5th house
Here Jupiter makes native honest,respectable,short tempered. If debilitated than native become an authority and people under him have pleasant time. There may be bad effect such as loss of children if debilitated there than might be no children and also native may be feed himself at the name of religion.
All the evil effect will vanish after the birth of son, specially if son is borned on Thursday.

Jupiter in 6th house
Saint by nature, selfish, if donates in the name of forefather he will prosper.Native believes in simple living, high thinking. Native will get everything without asking it. Accepting donation in the name of elderly people will enhance the luck. Native will remain happy and wealthy until father is alive. Native will not have liking in any work because he/she will get everything effortless. If bad than there will be digestive problems

Jupiter in 7th house
Native will have beautiful wife and helpful, fortunate after marriage. But the position is not good for his wife and for married life.Native will be highly religious and involved in religious work. He may be physically strong but can have brain disorder, obesity.

Jupiter in 8th house
Good health, long life, life is full enjoyments, posses spiritual power, wealthy. Jupiter does not give good results in this house and therefore be infamous but have worldly comforts.

Jupiter in 9th house
Native will be lucky, keep promises, religion and fate. Native will become yogi and master of mysterious science as he/she grows. Native’s minimum life span will be 75 years. The elderly people in his/her family will be owner of extensive wealth at the time of native’s birth. Native will have good moral and character.
If Jupiter is malefic and has bad influences than opposes religion and does not believe in god.

Jupiter in 10th house
Native will be a self made person, writes his/her own destiny. His cleverness and smartness will only make him/her prosperous. He/She will have many love affairs and will not hide his/her relationship.Steep up and down, if work honestly, his family will be in all sorts of troubles.

Jupiter in 11th house
Native will be full of good qualities, kind, religious, spend his/her life full of happiness if remain intact with family. Father will be wealthy but will not leave anything for the native. Native will get good results if keep promises. Native will be progressive and gets profit if work with brothers.

Jupiter in 12th house
Native will do good even if somebody harm him/her. Native will become lucky by worshipping, yoga etc. Native will get good results if he/she does good things to others. Such a person will do good to evil also and is saint.