Result of Sun in the 12 houses of Horoscope

Sun in the 1st house
If the Sun be in the ascendant the native will be lazy, of quick temper, proud, cruel, valiant and unforgiving. Native will be good administrator, fearless, good looking. He/She will have eye problems.

Sun in the 2nd house
Native will have defect in his speech, will be bereft of fame and comforts. Native will acquire wealth from the king or the thieves by questionable means.

Sun in the 3rd house
The native will be mil of strength, valourous, wealthy and generous but he will be inimical towards his relations. Scholar, brave, good health, long life. Takes care of his brothers and sisters.

Sun in the 4th house
The native will be very sociable, soft hearted, expert in vocal and instrumental music, conqueror, will enjoy company of his wife and will be liked by the king. The native will be unhappy, without friends and relations and any land or house. He will also lose his paternal property.

Sun in the 5th house
The native will be bereft of happiness, wealth and children. He will also be short lived. He will be intelligent and wise and will be fond of wandering in the jungles, honest, respectable, short tempered.

Sun in the 6th house
The native will be glorious like a king. He will be famous, wealthy, endowed with good qualities and a conqueror. The person born will be powerful but will be over powered by his enemies. Suffer from acidic problems.

Sun in the 7th house
The native will act against the interests of the Govt. He will wander aimlessly and get humiliated. The native will be devoid of happiness from wife.

Sun in the 8th house
There will be loss of wealth, loss of longevity, loss of friends, poor eye sight. The native will always be ready to do any work entrusted to him. Have no fear for death.

Sun in the 9th house
The father of the native will not be happy, life is full enjoyments, spiritual power.. The native will get happiness from children and relations, and will pay respect to Brahmins (religious leaders) and God.

Sun in the 10th house
The native will be blessed with children and will have all comfort'of conveyances. He will be wise, wealthy, powerful and of good reputation

Sun in the 11th house
The native will be wealthy, longlived and happy. He will have command over many persons, that is, he will be of high status.

Sun in the 12th house
The native will be inimical towards his father. He will suffer from eye troubles. He will be without wealth and childless. Such a person will do good to evil also, intellectual, saint, yogi. If someone abuses such a person will be trouble and if he praises this person will be benefited.