Results of Moon in the 12 houses of Horoscope

Moon in the 1st house
If the Moon of the bright half of the lunar month (Sukla Paksha) is in the ascendant, the native will be fearless, of strong body, wealthy and long lived. Quite opposite will be the results if the Moon is of dark half of the lunar month.

Moon in the 2nd house
If the Moon is in the second the native will be soft spoken and will enjoy all material comforts, but there will be something wrong with his speech. Native will get all comforts of life and happiness, will have friends and will be wealthy. If there is full Moon in the second house the native will be very rich but will not be much talkative.

Moon in the 3rd house
The native will be happy on account of his brothers. He will be intoxicated with power and will be cruel, courageous. He will be educated and will accumulate clothes and grains.

Moon in the 4th house
If the Moon is in the fourth house, the native will be happy and always obey, serve and love his/her mother, fond of luxuries and women and of sacrificing spirit. He will have good friends, good reputation and will enjoy the comfort of conveyances.

Moon in the 5th
The native will be highly intellectual and will have good sons. He will become a minister of the king. The native will be timid, educated and will acquire and accumulate clothes and grains. He will have friends and will be wise and full of glory. The native will enjoy happiness in the matter of children.

Moon in the 6th house
The native will be short lived and stupid. He will suffer from stomach ailments and will be defeated and humiliated by enemies. The person concerned will have many enemies, will have a delicate constitution and a dyspeptic appetite. His sexual passion will also be weak.

Moon in the 7th house
The native and his wife will both be very good looking and will love each other. He will be caring, like sweet dishes.

Moon in the 8th house
The native will suffer from diseases and will be short lived. The person will have a fickle mind and will be intelligent, full of glory and lean and will always be in fear from enemies.

Moon in the 9th house
The native will perform pious deeds and will have sons (children). The native will be a devotee of Gods and obedient to his parents. He will be happy and intelligent. He will also be attractive for members of the opposite sex.

Moon in the 10th house
The native will be conqueror, and he will get success very early in any venture he undertakes. He will do virtuous deeds. The person will complete to perfection anything he undertakes and will be endowed with virtue, wealth, intellect and valour.

Moon in the 11th house
The native will be a great thinker, long lived, wealthy and will be blessed with sons. He will also have servants.

Moon in the 12th house
The native will be lazy, humiliated, unhappy and will not be liked by others. The native will always be troubled by enemies, eye troubles and other afflictions. His money will be spent on good causes. He will be dissatisfied with his uncles and mother. His efforts will prove abortive.