Results of Saturn in the 12 houses of Horoscope

Saturn in the 1st house
Native will be rich, business of iron, cement, plastic, leather, wood, gruff, harsh and liquor suits. If benefic than beautiful eyes, fair complexion, heavy dynamic personality but if malefic or badly influenced than dark complexion, poor, earn by serving other.

Saturn in the 2nd house
Spiritually powerful, progressive, healthy, love justice, seems fool but very diplomatic, rich. Amount of income increases with age, profits from second hand things and property.

Saturn in the 3rd house
You are a cautious and fearful communicator, being careful with every word. eye problem, long life, rich, things related to Saturn are beneficial.

Saturn in the 4th house
Love his family, may be related to medical profession. If not in own sign or exaltion sign than inimical to mother, or may loose mother.

Saturn in the 5th house
Such a person will give importance to self respect. If he construct his own house, his children will suffer. Native's child will be intelligent. Devoid of learning and happiness.

Saturn in the 6th house
If married after 28th years of age his family will be happy and wealthy but before 28th year will give bad effects in all respect. Great fighter and defeat his enemies, if in own sign or exalted than position is seriously not good for his enemies. The native will eat a lot, will be wealthy and proud.

Saturn in the 7th house
Self centered, clever, deceiver. May become rich by his hard work. If in own sign or exalted than beautiful wife but if in other signs than not good for married life.

Saturn in the 8th house
Long life, financially strong, good vision, selfish. Powerful, physically strong, political skills, litigation.

Saturn in the 9th house
The native will be unfortunate, poor, childless, fatherless, and irreligious. He will also be evil minded.If in good sign than strong, majestic, successful.

Saturn in the 10th house
The person concerned will be happy and powerful. The native will be a equivalent to king or minister of a king, and will be extremely wealthy, famous and courageous and will take interest in agriculture, have good technical skills.

Saturn in 11th house
If Saturn is in the eleventh house, the native will be very wealthy but there will be obstacles in his way. He will also be owner of landed property and a favourite of Government. Longlived and will own immovable property.

Saturn in the 12th house
Benefit from enemies, financially strong, many houses, Saturn will help in every field. The native will be shameless, poor and stupid and some part of the body of the native will be deformed.