Results of Mercury in the 12 houses of Horoscope

Mercury in the 1st house
The person concerned will be intelligent and well versed in shastras. He will be a sweet and tactful talker.Jolly, selfish, errant, naughty and happy.

Mercury in the 2nd house
Intelligent, selfish, yogi, wealthy, long life, confident. The native will acquire wealth by his intelligence. Native can become a poet. He will be soft spoken and will get sweetish food to eat.

Mercury in the 3rd house
The native will be courageous but of medium longevity.The native will be hard working, without friends, clever and blessed with brothers and sisters, and will have unstable mind.

Mercury in the 4th house
He will have lot of patience and has the quality of taking burdens of other on his head. The native will be learned, a flatterer, wealthy, will own lands and have good friends. He will also be happy.

Mercury in the 5th house
The native will enjoy happiness and glory on account of his brilliant intellect. The native will be learned in mantra shastra and hypnotism. He will have a good number of children, will be well educated, will hold a position of authority and will be happy.

Mercury in the 6th house
The native will be lazy, without anger, and will have harsh speech. He will humiliate his enemies but will be fond of creating controversies.

Mercury in the 7th house
The wife of the native will be intelligent, beautiful, quarrelsome and wealthy. The native will be wise, well dressed and full of glory. Benefit from trading and verbal transactions like share broker.

Mercury in the 8th house
In this house Mercury makes a person genius, long lived, wealthy and healthy. Native will be a person who will have authority to award punishment. He will have wide spread reputation and will be long-lived. He will be a supporter of his family and will be full of good qualities.

Mercury in the 9the house
Religious, big family, He feeds his family, even he himself remains hungry.The native will be wealthy, very learned, of good conduct, oratorand proficient in his work.

Mercury in the 10th house
The native will be highly intelligent, will perform virtuous deeds, will be successful in his life, will be educated, tolerant and powerful. He will be decorated with many honours. Happy, social, rich, diplomat, intellectual, naughty, clever but selfish.

Mercury in the 11th house
Native is able to take out diamond instead of pearl from the shell. He is hardworking, long-lived, true to his words, possessor of enormous wealth and happy, fond of things of luxury and famous. He will enjoy happiness and comforts from his servants.

Mercury in the 12th house
The person will be true to his words, poor, lazy, cruel and without any education. He will also suffer humiliation.