What dhana yogas to see for wealth in astrology

What houses and planets should be seen to judge the wealth of the native

In Vedic Astrology 2nd house and lord of the 2nd house shows the wealth earned by the native and the 11th house and its lord are concerned with gains, profits and accumulation of wealth.

Jupiter is the natural significator of wealth, venus should also be assessed as its significator for material desires.

Hora Lagna in Parashari and Indu Lagna in Jaimini astrology is also examined to estimate wealth.

Other than these lagna D-2 Hora divisional chart also tells if native will be wealthy or poor. Remember D-2 hora and hora lagna are different charts.

How to see horoscope to judge wealth of the native

  • The very first step from which most of you should be familiar with, sign in which the 2nd and 11th lord are placed, if it is enemy, neutral, friend or exalted.
  • The house in which these lords are placed.
  • Planets which are present in 2nd and 11th house.
  • Conjunctions of planets in horoscope.

Combination of Moon and Mars makes the native wealthy.

Relation b/w 1st and 2nd lord gives wealth by own efforts.

Relation b/w 2nd house with 9th or 10th or 11th house makes native extremely wealthy if not any malefic influence on it.

Relation b/w 1st, 4th and 9th house creates powerful dhana yoga.