What is Yoga in astrology, how are they made to effect benefic or malefic

Yoga in astrology is able to give positive or negative effect to the native. Relation between houses and planets can create yoga, different yoga can be created by conjunctions, aspects and mutual relation.

Conjunction is the combination of planets conjunct in the same house.

Every planet has its own aspect (drishti), relation can be considered if two planets aspects each other. And in mutual aspect relation can be made by aspect on houses, such as Jupiter in 5th house aspects 1st and 9th thus making mutual relation b/w quadrant and trine (Kendra and Trikona) houses.

Relation b/w four Kendra and three Trikona houses is considered good either by conjunction and aspect of their lords or mutual relation.

Relation b/w upachaya (3rd, 6th and 11th) is good and in b/w trik (8th and 12th) is also good. In my scriptures 6th is taken as trik and also in some 8th as upachaya house.

All malefic planets (paap grah) works excellent in upachaya houses. All planets works good in 11th house, even a debilitated planet gets nullified in 11th house.

If a planet creates relation b/w Kendra and Trikona, than it becomes Yoga Karaka, a highly auspicious yoga. Also if lord of the trik is placed in another trik house than it creates vepreet raj yoga, a powerful yoga.