Result of mars in various zodiac signs

MARS in ARIES: Courageous, energetic, self-confidence, pushy, loves sports, scars on the body, strong will power, industrious, generous, adventurous, independent, danger by fire, operations, accidents;

If afflicted, impatient, hasty temperament, violent, imprudent, headache, insomnia,

MARS in TAURUS: Good organiser, likes magic, sports, influenced by females, selfish, gain through legacy, property; domestic troubles, practical, executive power, domestic life troubled, problems with opposite sex,

If afflicted, obstinate, headstrong, vindictive, loss of money, property; violent, legal difficulties, loss of legacy, scandal, throat problems, rheumatism, problems in sex organs

MARS in GEMINI: Rash, quick, inventive, fond of reading, scientific, witty, sarcastic, honest, desire for education, two attachments at one time,

If afflicted, harsh speech, troubles through neighbours, relations, travelling; broken education, injuries to arms, shoulders, collar bone, cough, cuts, wounds, bronchitis

MARS in CANCER: Imaginative, wealthy, attachment to home, rare feats, sudden outbursts, fond of personal freedom, bold, rebel against authority, apt for medicine, surgery;

If afflicted, troubles in domestic life, separation from mother, wife, worries, changes in residence, trouble through land, property; loss through fire, storms, thefts, electricity, water; sight troubles, vomiting of blood, accidents, miscarriages

MARS in LEO: Energetic, irritative, unfearful, enterprising, independent, respects elders, stomach troubles, gains through public affairs and Govt., gain through speculation, possibility of accidents, injury;

If afflicted, takes risks, love disappointments, accident, impulsive, heart afflictions, fits, sunstrokes, malaria

MARS in VIRGO: Analytical mind, ups and down in life, loves fair sex, unhappy married life, enthusiastic, revengeful, ardent lover, prone to injuries/accidents, gains through import-export,

If afflicted, critical, worried, discontented, obstinate, accidents, hernia, appendicitis, liver problem,

MARS in LIBRA: Ambitious, boastful, naughty, attached to females, self-earned wealth, businesslike, careful of his dresses, sanguine complexion, passionate, fond of refined business,

If afflicted, love disappointments, separations, unfaithful, influenced by females and others, kidney troubles, pelvis problems,

MARS in SCORPIO: Diplomatic, hard-worker, pushy, gains through medicine, surgery, hardware, acute mind, liable to accidents, fond of mysteries, courageous, autocrat,

If afflicted, selfish, unsocial, ungrateful, revengeful, severe illness, accidents, loss through opposite sex, piles, bladder problems, fistula, working of sex organs, diabetes,

MARS in SAGGITARIUS: Cheerful, generous, active, travelling, institution, frank, patient, fond of arguments, independent, firm in his opinion, self-acquired religious knowledge,

If afflicted, arrogant, inconsistent, loss through legacy, disagreement with brothers, fracture of thigh bone, pneumonia, typhoid, boils

MARS in CAPRICORN: Courageous, ingenious, fortunate, ambitious, organiser, executive, powerful friends, likes risks and speculation, fame in profession,

If afflicted, rash, more feared than respected, false friends, knee & joint troubles, gout, small-pox, ulcer

MARS in AQUARIUS: Self-propelled success, fond of literature, occult, passionate, good debater, gain in business, marriage; independent, dogmatic,

If afflicted, revolutionary, blunt, speculative, loss through friends, leg fractures, eruptions on the skin, fits,

MARS in PISCES: Fleshy, self-indulgent, depressed, many difficulties, problems in life, danger through water, success in ordinary professions, danger through water, accident in feet, delayed marriage

If afflicted, drunkard, illicit love affairs, misfortunes, loss through friends, false accusations, feet problems, diarrhoea,