Result of jupiter in various zodiac signs

JUPITER in ARIES: Progressive, ambitious, high position, power, likes literature, travelling, success through personal efforts, religious, gain through friends, speculations, investments, children, travels;

If afflicted, unbalanced, impatient, impulsive, brain congestion, fits, dizziness,

JUPITER in TAURUS: Likes decorum, etiquette, home, gains through opposite sex, gift, legacies, children, speculation, marriage, partners; charitable, fixed in religious views,

If afflicted, loss through above, excessive expenditure, fond of show, throat troubles, greedy, nose - bleed

JUPITER in GEMINI: Courteous, sympathetic, humane, trustworthy, humorous, likes opposite sex, travelling, mental games, difficulty in marriage through relatives, writings, or travels;

If afflicted, irreligious, unpopular, separation from relatives, lung problems, problems in hips and thighs

JUPITER in CANCER: Sickly, confident, sensitive, good behaviour, popular, likes occultism, friendly, ambitious, popular, intuition, fond of amusements, gain in public works,

If afflicted, enlargement of stomach, indigestion, dyspepsia, jaundice,

JUPITER in LEO: Noble, courageous, generous, terror to foes, high position, favour from Govt, gain through long voyages and journeys, sincere, honest, will power,

If afflicted, sensuous, fond of pleasures, heart problems, swollen ankle, irregular blood circulation

JUPITER in VIRGO: Studious, intellectual, cautious, methodical, prudent, tactful, trouble through rash acts, good rise in life, materialistic, fit for business,

If afflicted, lazy, cynical, lack of method, liver problem, weak intestines, weak indigestion,

JUPITER in LIBRA: Handsome, loves peace, harmony; gains through opposite sex, friends and society; compassionate, gain through commerce, public institutions, hospitals, happy marriage,

If afflicted, legal difficulties, problems in partnerships, loss from women, friends

JUPITER in SCORPIO: Ambitious, generous, likes occultism, psychic experiences, dignified personality, quick to take advantage of others, adventurous, strange adventures abroad,

If afflicted, wrong opinions, sensual, loss through speculations, miscarriage, death of child,

JUPITER in SAGGITARIUS: Generous, kind, sympathetic, just, noble, keen judgement, broad outlook, fame, favourable for sports, literatures, horses, religious bodies, speculation;

Afflicted, difficulty in sports, speculation, gambling, social affairs, gout,

JUPITER in CAPRICORN: Serious, organiser, methodical, business, public works, industrious, gain in commercial or foreign affairs, father, superiors, long journeys;

If afflicted, orthodox, obstacles in occupation, sorrows, misfortunes, skin diseases, eczema,

JUPITER in AQUARIUS: Social, obliging nature, helps others, liberal, intuitive, favourable to all enterprises, support of friends, compassionate, interested in occultism, mystical studies;

If afflicted, indecisive, lazy, unreliable, swollen ankle, impure blood, palpitation of heart

JUPITER in PISCES: Studious, talented, hospitable, kind, charitable, high position, prophetic dreams, visions; travels through water,

If afflicted, loss through speculation, changeable, easily influenced, feet problems, liver problems, dropsy, tumours